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Must Listen for any Marketer or Business Leader

Joe’s work is phenomenal. He’s one of my all-time favorites for content marketing. His passion for marketing is infectious. This podcast is great because it gets to the point, brings all the best knowledge, and feels like your one-on-one with a good friend. Hit the subscribe already and listen to a…

Literally opened my eyes to the world of Audience first Porducts

I first came across the term “Audience First” from the Author Blogger(The writer guy and Write of Passage)- Dave Perell. Though he is not a content marketer, he advocates that one needs to build an audience and then sell to it. I discovered Joe’s content Inc podcast almost accidentally. I think I d…

Golden nuggets on content strategies!

I just discovered that Joe Pulizzi is back with his podcast! I love these bite size golden nuggets of amazing information. Everything is actionable and easy to listen to. So happy to have rediscovered this podcast.

It’s my map to success

It suddenly dawned on me: what Joe has laid out here - and is laying out - is a treasure map. A treasure map to the content marketing treasure that he followed with Content Marketing Institute, from its founding in April of 2007 to its acquisition by UBM (now Informa) in 2016, and what hundreds of …

Go out and change the world

Quick, thoughtful and relevant ideas to change the world (and your content strategy). Highly recommend


Glad I happened upon this. Thanks for the helpful content.

Needs to be longer

Everything CMI does, or folks affiliated with it, is fantastic. Too short though!:)

Joe Pulizzi

I follow Joe for a year and a half now. I love that this podcast is back. Keep on with the great insights, Joe. I also highly recommend Joe’s books.

Great show for marketing pros of all levels

There’s a ton of content for marketers in the world. A lot of it’s great. Then every once in a while, you find something like Joe’s podcast. Wisdom, advice, insights and personality make Content, Inc. the podcast for marketing professionals of all levels. I love it!

Wonderful, brief show!

Joe I wish you did this 7 days a week! Thank you for sharing your insights for free on this show, it is invaluable to me as I start my own content marketing journey. My two young kids bought me Content Inc for Christmas - if only they could read it to me while I drive them to music practice!

Valuable Insights In Under 5 Minutes!

I recently discovered this podcast and love it. It's rare to find a great podcast that's so short and sweet, which is nice, but it's even better that I can walk away with great new ideas after every listen. Kudos to Joe for creating another valuable resource for marketers aspiring to create better …

I binged. Can't wait for the book!

Took me about 4 days (and some really long walks) to binge listen my way through the first 64 episodes. Another piece of EPIC content from Joe. Can't wait to get my hands on a copy of the book when it comes out.

Mighty Bursts of Content

Thanks to Joe and his team at CMI for producing these mighty bursts of powerful tips and tools for creating a better content experience. I especially loved Episode 46.

Content Inc is Content Gold!

I have been following Joe and his team for awhile and he never disappoints! The man creates a phenomenal, shorter podcast that all leads up to his book release...can you say, "GENIUS!” His goal of getting excited for the book is working and you are guaranteed to walk away with more than one idea fr…

Excellent! Useful and real info for all!

Joe practices what he preaches in this informative and helpful podcast series. I really do get something I can use from each episode to build my own marketing consulting business. I would give Content Inc 10 stars if I could!

Always Delivers on Promise and Purpose

Each episode offers one take-away that any business owner can benefit from. The show's format delivers on its promise to give you an implementable idea in less than 15 minutes. More than just a marketing show, this podcast covers many aspects of basic business operations.

Frequent and Fresh Content Marketing Perspectives

The format, and of course, the content of this show is just what every content marketer needs to keep their work fresh and relevant. Plus, it’s evolving and only getting better!

All About Content

Wow! What a story teller; I need to listen to more of Joe Pulizzi’s Content Inc Podcasts. Just subscribed. Listen to one show and you will know what made Joe new and noteworthy. Bill Conrad, Timelines of Success

The Best Business Advice I Have Heard!!!!!

I listen to each and every episode of Content Inc. Joe is the “Godfather of Content Marketing”. I have listened to some podcasts that meander through without any direction. Joe is a breath of Fresh Air! His laser like focus helps drive the business lesson home without being preachy. Joe is such a t…

On My Top 10 Podcast List

I love what you're doing here Joe. Your nuggets of wisdom delivered in under 10 minutes are extremely valuable for all content marketers. I highly recommend tuning in!

Joe Pulizzi Delivers

These are great. Quick, valuable snippets of information. Who doesn't have 6-10 minutes to learn from one of the content marketing masters? Thanks for taking the time to create these, Joe. I hope you continue making these regularly. -tw

Conversations that make a difference

This is what we’re talking about. Context is decisive, and these kinds of quick hit conversations work to set it so we can all get growing. Thanks for telling it like it is and for the fuel, Joe!

Little tips and takeaways that will make a big difference

If you are looking to get started in content marketing — or are wondering why you should — Joe’s latest podcast is like an encouraging affirmation that will put you on the right path. These are quick stories and recommendations that add detail to the big picture of how you can increase the success …

Another valuable service from CMI

I have been a fan of Joe's and the entire CMI team for years now. I also have a passion for the small business person. Seeing this new podcast series from the folks at CMI makes total sense and warms my heart. (I like the shorter episodes too.)

Uncommon sense

Don’t let the “content” part of this title fool you: this new podcast from Joe Pulizzi goes well beyond his renowned content marketing insights and offers valuable wisdom for business—and life, for that matter. The thing I love about Joe’s style is that his warmth and charm are so genuine. It’s lik…

Powerful Nuggets of Knowledge

How much can you learn in under 10 minutes? Plenty as Joe shows us! I love the fact instead of just telling us what to do, he relates it to actual stories from his own life and data that he's researched. While he focuses on entrepreneurs, this info is relatable to all marketers. Do yourself a favor…

Really helpful

Whether you already run a business or are dreaming of starting a new venture, you've come to the right place. In this inspirational series, Joe shares his story and secrets for success, which include building an audience first--and products second. Nice job, Joe!


A short and sweet, yet incredibly motivating podcast for entrepreneurs looking to get into the content game. The takeaways given by Joe Pulizzi are very insuring plus the nature of the podcast gives you a sense of Joe's personality and drive for success!

For all entrepreneurs

Once again Joe Pulizzi delivers a content asset in this podcast that gives and gives and gives. His short, digestible episodes are packed with thought provoking insights and life changing advice. Every entrepreneur will benefit from this podcast.

A Must for Any Entrepreneur or Small Business

As a big fan of Joe and his approach to content marketing, this podcast is a must. Having followed Joe and the CMI for a number of years, I am glad to know this is now a resource that can be used by those looking to start and grow their businesses. Practical advice from one of the industries best!

ESSENTIAL wisdom for the audience-first business

The Content Inc. podcast will empower you-the-entrepreneur with essential nuggets of practical wisdom for taking an audience-first approach to business, and for using content as an effective means for achieving the goals of that business. OKAY THAT’S OBVIOUS. You would expect nothings less from a g…

Content Inc. is inspirational & practical!

Joe provides useful advice, tips and inspiration for budding entrepreneurs and startup leaders who want to transform their careers and companies through the power of content marketing. Using his own story as well as those of others as examples, his short lessons provide a great guide for those who …

Wow! Exactly the content I need in my ears!

I am really excited about this podcast! As a marketer professional, I struggle with moving the needle every day, so employing content marketing is really important to my strategic focus - and Joe Pulizzi is the best of the best when it comes to the topic of content marketing. What I didn't expect i…

Bite-Size Inspiration

Joe Pulizzi offers solid, actionable advice in this quick, but effective podcast. Listening to this podcast is great way to start your morning feeling energized and inspired. Beware: These are short episodes, but you’ll find yourself listening to all of them in a row.

Content Inc. Podcast - Inspiring

Like most everyone who listens, being so busy affords only so much time during a day to listen to our faves and doggone it, another fave.... Insightful and inspiring, Joe gets in, gets it done, leaves you with something to think about and gets out. Well done.

Great Bite-sized Advice

Not only did I enjoy Joe’s short, pithy, podcast, but it reminded me once again about how he always takes you on a new spin for ideas that help you in business.

Fast, inspirational and powerful

Love that each show is less than 15 minutes or so. A great way to get quick, but super helpful insights on the business of content marketing in a format that I enjoy. It’s like sitting in the room talking to Joe in person. The inspirational idea is powerful and motivational. This is a great show an…

Fantastically valuable

So, it might not be a surprise that I love this podcast - because JP is a friend. But this is a wonderful way to get a snackable piece of content that is truly healthy for you. If you’re starting a business - own an existing one - or just look at yourself as an entrepreneur within your company - t…

Content, Inc Provides Great Business and Content Advice!

As the “godfather of content marketing” Joe Pulizzi has already made his mark as the “go to” resource for the content marketing industry. This latest podcast takes the conversation to the next level. Using his own personal stories of success, failure and everything in between, Joe gets you to think…