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I’ve been learning and getting a lot out of the 5 minute episodes but listening to the 10K Creator episodes is what compelled me to write this 5-star review. It is a fantastic series. I’ve been getting so many takeaways from those episodes that it feels like a mini course.

No Brainer Game Changer

5 minute Mondays is a two fold no brainer. It’s quick (and even more so if you up the playback speed). But more importantly, it’s a game changer because Joe generously shares his real world wisdom on what it takes to start a business, run a business, build a business and sell a business. BOOM!! SUBSCRIBE and don’t give it a second thought.

5 minutes well spent

Perfect for marketers starting their day!

Short, Sweet, & Super Helpful

I start my morning every day listening to Content Inc! It’s perfect for my short commute to work and I learn something new in each episode. Joe is thoughtful, engaging, and tells it like it is. He speaks from years of personal experience and shares actionable tips for creators at different stages of their journey. Don’t miss out on this pod!

A Short Inspirational Starter Every Monday

Joe's short and sweet commentary every Monday is the little starter to the week that we, content marketers and content entrepreneurs, need to hear.

Old school (blogs and e-mail newsletters) New school (crypto and social tokens)

My favorite part about Joe Pulizzi’s perspective - that is unique to what he’s written about in his book, Content, Inc. - is his blend of proven audience building techniques woven together with cutting edge ways of enticing audiences to stay with you. In each quick 3-5 min issue you’ll get old standbys of how to market your work and new options to use what works now through the lens of a seasoned, but not jaded, veteran.

Very educational

This podcast always deliver value and tangible advice. Joe knows his stuff, and I would definitely recommend!

Practical and helpful

I recently found this podcast and love it. The content is to the point, actionable, practical, and helpful. Excited to listen to earlier episodes.

Best 5 minutes of learning every week!

Joe is an incredible resource and I love being able to start each week by getting one usable insight that I can work on each week. Sometimes he just gives me something to think about from a strategic point and sometimes he provides practical, actionable tips that I can start implementing immediately. Couldn’t imagine starting a week without the nuggets of wisdom that this podcast provides!

Great resource.

This is an incredible resource. The podcast, the newsletter, and the Content Inc book. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to learn more about marketing and building a business.

Content entrepreneurs’ #1 fan

Joe is content entrepreneurs’ #1 fan, and it shows in every episode. He provides tons of value and tactics to help content creators find their path for achieving their goals. I’ve been consuming his content for years, and I still learn something every time I tune in.

Must listen

I’ve been consuming Joe’s content for years and one thing has remained true: he knows where things are going. He defined content marketing for business, and now he’s turned his attention to content entrepreneurs. These quick episodes give advice on ways to build an audience. This builds on the basis of what Joe learned about creating great content to build an audience that knows, likes, and trusts you. But now, it’s time for creators to capitalize on these content creation skills.

Content Inc. Podcast - Inspiring - UPDATED

Been listening to this podcase since 2014, and it's a Monday-Maker for me at the gym as I prepare for a new week. Like most everyone who listens, being so busy affords only so much time during a day to listen to our faves and doggone it, another fave.... Insightful and inspiring, Joe gets in, gets it done, leaves you with something to think about and gets out. Good job outta Joe.

Simple yet actionable advice

Joe keeps things short and to the point with The Tilt. Any creator should listen to stay up to date on trends and learn from his experience growing content businesses. Love the newsletter too.

Do Yourself a Favor and Subscribe

Just good ol vitamins and minerals. Joe always delivers something valuable here. Great actionable info that gets you thinking about things a bit differently. Highly recommend.

Old school (blogs and e-mail newsletters) + New school (crypto and social tokens)

My favorite part about Joe Pulizzi’s perspective - that is unique to what he’s written about in his book, Content, Inc. - is his blend of proven audience building techniques woven together with cutting edge ways of enticing audiences to stay with you. In each quick 3-5 min issue you’ll get old standbys of how to market your work and new options to use what works now through the lens of a seasoned, but not jaded, veteran.

Godfather of Content Marketing

Genuine, simple, and delivers!

Great actionable content

I really enjoy Content Inc and Joe’s perspective. Great packaging of the content in stackable, actionable bites too. As someone who’s been around marketing for over a decade, I feel like he still keep his content quite fresh. Worth the listen.

A Great Way to Spend 4-5 Minutes

Joe Pulizzi manages to cram a lot of thoughts and information about content marketing into just four or five minutes every week. Eight out of 10 episodes provide you with a solid action item you can use to get better at content marketing. The other two episodes provide a good framework for thinking about an issue and help you decide what you want to do. This is a must-listen podcast every week.

Always thoughtful and useful content

I love the bite size episodes that address a challenge or problem. Joe provides solutions that are doable and feel appropriate for me, a solo entrepreneur. I also appreciate it when he shares his thoughts on current trends and events. It helps me know where I need to stay informed and whether or not I need to take action. Joe's a great marketer to follow if you want to stay on top of where business is going and how to gauge whether or not it's the right path for you.

Joe’s work delivers.

Joe provides hype-free, down to earth insights, ideas, and ultimately value to those who develop content. Listening to his episodes reminds me of business meetings over breakfast at a local diner - I always left those in a good mood with new things to think about. Joe’s work has the same effect - enjoyable to consume and always sparks ideas for me to work on. This podcast is on my shortlist of ones to listen to as soon as new episodes drop.

A cup of Joe every Monday morning with an expresso shot of content excellence.

This is a podcast and the host really deliver on giving you a quick and fulfilling guidance on being a better content creator. I’ve been listening to Joe for years now and a little shamed to say this is my first time writing a review when he’s impacted my entire content career trajectory. I’m proud to say that as a minority creator and entrepreneur this podcast has given me a unique advantage of obtaining actionable insights and knowledge that I’m able to share back with my community who wouldn’t get it otherwise. If you’re looking for a content marketing booster to help improve your overall opportunity for success, you honestly don’t need to look much further because this podcast “Get’s the People Going.” (in the words of Will Ferrell)

Great show🔥🔥

I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating such an impactful podcast! I believe that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Thank you for putting this into the world! BE UNBROKEN! @MichaelUnbroken

Bringing Creators to the Next Level

Joe KNOWS! While he seems like an “average Joe,” that is what makes him all the more relatable and reliable. He understands the long game, staying power, and just the right mix between a sprint and a marathon. This short and sweet episodes pack a power punch! A must listen for anyone desiring a deeper understanding of how a creator can become a creative and connected economic force.

Most value packed into 5 minutes

Love the podcast Joe - I get more value in these 5 minutes than from any other podcast all week

Valuable Insights In Under 5 Minutes!

2021 Update: Years later after my original review, Joe is still delivering enormous value each and every episode. You’ll get more out of 5 minutes here than you would after 30 in any other show. I recently discovered this podcast and love it. It's rare to find a great podcast that's so short and sweet, which is nice, but it's even better that I can walk away with great new ideas after every listen. Kudos to Joe for creating another valuable resource for marketers aspiring to create better content.

Michael Jr Episode - Must Hear

The Michael Jr. episode was one of the best ones yet. Keep the great conversations and content coming.

Must Listen for any Marketer or Business Leader

Joe’s work is phenomenal. He’s one of my all-time favorites for content marketing. His passion for marketing is infectious. This podcast is great because it gets to the point, brings all the best knowledge, and feels like your one-on-one with a good friend. Hit the subscribe already and listen to all the back catalogue.

Literally opened my eyes to the world of Audience first Porducts

I first came across the term “Audience First” from the Author Blogger(The writer guy and Write of Passage)- Dave Perell. Though he is not a content marketer, he advocates that one needs to build an audience and then sell to it. I discovered Joe’s content Inc podcast almost accidentally. I think I discovered CMI first which led to his book which led to his podcast. Talk about content diversification!. Joe condenses the information about how SMBs should leverage content marketing to develop a narrative to a niche audience and win their trust by establishing themselves as a “Media company” and then after not mentioning anything about their product or trying to sell anything to the audience until You have won their trust. It takes a while to do all this but at the end of the day, You establish Yourselves as an authority in the chosen niche and generate content that aligns with this niche that helps Your potential customer. And Joe’s energy is a BIG plus. Overall a great listening experience.

Golden nuggets on content strategies!

I just discovered that Joe Pulizzi is back with his podcast! I love these bite size golden nuggets of amazing information. Everything is actionable and easy to listen to. So happy to have rediscovered this podcast.